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Don’t Make 7 These Kitchen Storage Mistakes While Remodeling

By 03/15/2021June 23rd, 2023Blog, Kitchen Remodeling

Even though it may seem like the most obvious thing to take care of while remodeling your kitchen, you might tend to ignore the importance of the right kitchen storage solutions. In doing so, you might end up making some otherwise avoidable kitchen storage mistakes during your kitchen remodeling process.

Before you take a plunge into a kitchen remodel, there’s an entire host of kitchen remodel mistakes you need to learn about and avoid if you want to save yourself time, cash and stress. This guide will show you how to avoid falling victim to some of the most significant kitchen storage mistakes people commonly make.

Underestimating the Storage Space

To avoid making kitchen storage mistakes, you should step back and look at the bigger picture. While there might be an impulse to add everything, you should learn to filter and edit what you need and what you don’t.

There are so many areas in your kitchen that you can use to optimize your kitchen layout. For instance, you can use the kitchen corners by adding Lazy Suzans and pull-out pantries. These nifty kitchen storage solutions will help you make the most of your kitchen remodel.

Lack of Kitchen Cabinets

No matter what your kitchen design is, you should remember that your kitchen cabinets are an important aspect of your kitchen remodel. Whether you have a small kitchen space or not, the right kind of cabinets will give you abundant storage in your kitchen.

Probably the best quality regarding kitchen cabinets is that they add to the style of the space. For instance, for small kitchen storage solutions, choosing cabinets with a more broadened upper unit makes your room look bigger.

You should also attempt to utilize divider spaces properly. Ignoring them is one of the biggest kitchen storage mistakes you can make. You can lay the cabinets into the divider to gain a large amount of working space.

If you are thinking about installing earthenware cabinets, an inbuilt cabinet or a divider-mounted one could be a great choice. It can also serve as a huge stylistic theme component.

Poor Blind Corner Cabinets

Professional designers frequently liken daze corners to be a kitchen’s ‘Bermuda Triangle.’ That is a peculiarly shaped corner space that is formed when the casings of two abutting columns of kitchen cabinets meet.

Normally, you use this space to take care of things that you don’t use frequently. What you are left with is large, underutilized space in the kitchen that you can convert into a beautiful stockpiling zone.

An ideal approach to address the issue of these blind corners is to introduce pull-out racks. These racks can also be tweaked depending upon the size of the space.

You can use it to store different kitchen fixings, utensils, kitchen towels, and much more. These steps will make your storage more organized and help you avoid these crucial kitchen storage mistakes.

Not Utilizing the Space

If you stay back and properly go through your kitchen, you will notice that there are plenty of unused spaces. The area over the fridge, for instance, can serve as an excellent spot for a microwave. You can also add more kitchen cabinets to your space and utilize them to store routinely utilized food items and utensils.

A simple method to efficiently use all of your kitchen space is to employ add-on racks. You can place these racks on the dividers of kitchen cabinets in the back region of huge kitchen pantries.

Similarly, the ledges can serve as efficient storage spaces if you happen to plan things well. In case you have a sufficiently large working station, installing little retires and drawers on it can work wonders for your potential advantage. It is an extraordinary way to take care of cutlery and your kitchen blades.

Not Having a Dedicated Pantry Space

Overall, we prefer to keep our kitchens loaded with all the essential food items and fixings. That brings us to an inevitable question: where do you store them all? 

The most straightforward approach to address this issue is to utilize daze corners. These zones are typically plenty. When you have sufficient capacity racks, you can undoubtedly coordinate all your food items in these cabinets.

It is likewise a smart move to save some kitchen cabinets for loading. At that point, you can introduce racks and plates to keep your storeroom space coordinated.

Disregarding Loft Cabinets

A loft cabinet is put directly on the top of the kitchen cabinetry. In present-day kitchens, another underutilized idea is to use the space over your kitchen cabinets by adding beadboards or non-standard cabinets.

Space units make for great storage solutions for your kitchen that you can use to store numerous things. In kitchens that do not have a storeroom, a space unit is a beautiful substitute. Many homeowners even tend to ignore loft cabinets which is one of the most classic kitchen storage mistakes.

Space units, as a rule, have appropriate stature and profundity. That makes them ideal for your kitchen utensils. One thing that you need to remember, in any case, is that space units usually are not easily accessible. Having a little stepping stool or stool in your kitchen is advised to utilize these space units consistently.

Red Flag for Kitchen Storage Mistakes

It can often be difficult to make sense of kitchen cabinets. For instance, you should ensure your upper cabinets are deep enough for massive plates. You will be surprised to learn about the number of cabinets that can’t accommodate even a 13-inch platter.

In case the height of your kitchen roof is under 11 feet, your kitchen cabinets should arrive at all the paths to the ceiling. The gap between the top of the cabinet and roof serves as an enticing spot for people to put an artificial plant or crate during the kitchen remodel to add to the character of the kitchen design.