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Ercan Gedik
Ercan Gedik
January 22, 2024.
I recently had my kitchen remodeled with NV Kitchen and Bath, and I am thrilled with the results! The team did an excellent job, from design to execution. We have worked with designers, Emily and Kay were amazing easy to work with. Listened to all our concerns and helped us to get our dream kitchen! The attention to detail, quality of materials, and timely completion exceeded our expectations. I want to thank to all team who were with us in this journey. Including, technicians, operations coordinator Victor, project manager Eren were fabulous on their job. I now have a functional and stylish kitchen that has truly transformed my home. Highly recommended!
James Earle
James Earle
December 13, 2023.
They say a kitchen renovation is one of the biggest investments (and biggest disruptions) one can make in one's home, and I'm glad to have chosen NV Kitchen and Bath for ours. While work has not yet finished, we're impressed with NV and love our new kitchen so far. To be clear, this process has still been *hard*, and fairly stressful. For our project, it included months of discussions about design and financing, tearing down part of a wall, and replacing 700 square feet of carpeting with new hardwood flooring. NV has handled it all, which has been huge for peace of mind working with one contractor from concept and design through demolition and construction. Emily, who finished our design from NV's Falls Church location, was great about responding to questions and talking us through options. I did have to ask a lot of questions and be my own advocate when inquiring about design changes, features, and customization, but that's not a ding on Emily or NV. It's hard for anyone to create something you'll truly love without *you* bringing a lot of your own questions and input to the design conversations, and when you're paying for something as big as a kitchen reno, you owe it to yourself and your wallet to talk through all the details. Emily and other folks at NV were transparent and communicative throughout this long and challenging process, providing detailed checklists for all the critical choices, so we always had a solid idea of how our design (and budget) was evolving. We came to NV with a goal of a $50-60k kitchen. The final project will likely cost closer to $75k. That's a big increase, but it's mostly because of our own design decisions, and it's a *great* value for an *amazing* kitchen. NV helped us make informed decisions every step of the way, we're getting exactly what we always envisioned for our home, and NV is pulling it off *beautifully*. Ryan, the branch manager for Alexandria, has been great at keeping the process moving forward and helping us with financing that worked for our family budget. Louis has been prompt with payment details and confirmations. Baran, our project manager onsite, has been wonderful at answering all our questions about the timeline, solving problems with suppliers, and addressing concerns throughout the build. The crew has also worked remarkably fast. After starting on November 27, demo work and the new flooring were nearly done in the first week, cabinets were installed the next week, and the countertop, backsplash, and appliances will all be installed this week, week three. (On Monday, December 11, the countertops were already in!) That's a huge project coordination win. There are dozens of little details and touch-ups remaining in the weeks ahead (skipping the holiday)—a shim here, a patch there, caulk this, paint that—but we're *seriously* impressed at how quickly NV has moved with the build, the quality of the materials, and the quality of the work that has been done so far, even if there are some issues to fix. Again, this process is *hard*. And yeah, it's *expensive*. But if you're going to put all that work into your home, it pays to have a partner with the care and expertise you need to do it right. The folks at NV have been great partners for us. The staff are all from Turkey, too, which is neat, and they can fix you up with some nice coffee if you stop by their showroom. I imagine we might work with them again for a bath reno in the future!
Frank Bedford
Frank Bedford
December 2, 2023.
We have done a number of kitchen renovations over the years with different companies, and I am extremely happy with the work from NV Kitchen and Bath in Alexandria. They did an excellent job of a Fabuwood kitchen for us in Old Town. They are very knowledgable and responsive, and they know the cabinet companies really well, so they get questions answered and products delivered very quickly. Their installers are efficient and accurate and they kept everything very clean and tidy. Highly recommended.
faruk mazı
faruk mazı
August 7, 2023.
They are professional. They did a great job.
Bonnie Burkhardt
Bonnie Burkhardt
May 24, 2023.
We have a step-down family room and wanted to replace our railing with cabinets, which required extending the kitchen floor into the family room. We also wanted to remove our old pantry and replace it with cabinets and counter tops. NV Kitchen was the only company who noticed structural issues with our plans and proposed a remedy. They completed the entire job in less than 4 weeks. The employees were very courteous and professional.
Matt Golden
Matt Golden
April 28, 2023.
Definitely good company to work with. I would recommend homeowners who want their projects done on time and precisely.
Havva Vural
Havva Vural
April 26, 2023.
The owners are great people. You won’t regret trusting them.

Our Remodeling Process

Remodeling your home to suit your needs and vision is the best investment you can make. This is only possible if you hire the right people who can help design what you need - which is why we recommend our licensed remodeling experts & contractors.


How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

A recent Cost vs. Value report in Remodeling Magazine claims that the essential cost of remodeling a general 5’ x 7’ bathroom is around $16,000.

Several factors influence the bathroom remodel costs

  1. Ease of access, the complexity of tiling, size of the space.
  2. Number of fixtures, ventilation issues, and many more.

Demolition accounts for a large portion of the bathroom remodel cost. Although you can renovate with minimal demolition, removing everything generally leads to better results. It also helps your contractor prepare the new walls for attaching new fixtures securely.

What Can I Do to Plan for a Bathroom Remodel?

Here is a checklist for every bathroom, either small or large.


Before you embark on the renovation process, you should take time on the design. Nevertheless, with the current digital era, there are so many design software’s that help in designs. You may be interested in the most popular Tuscany theme or a vintage design. In case you want to hire a professional to carry the project on, you should work closely on design.


After the design is complete, you are now aware of what you want to do on the bathroom makeover. You must get permits from the city or county offices. If you are hiring a contractor, you must be sure of all the permits before the project began.


Are you going to move or create new wall? This is a crucial question to answer before anything started. If you are moving a wall, it should be the first step. Besides, you may want to add a window or move a door. Anything concerning wall should come first. Therefore, you must plan carefully.


Many of the bathroom makeover projects involve floor work. In case you want to move the tub, shower, or sink, you will also need plumbing changes. You will have to make new holes on the floor. Even, you may want to install the new subfloors. This step should be the second one after moving walls.






This is an essential part of the remodeling. It calls for a certified professional. If you are doing the renovation by yourself and does not have a plumber license, you should look for one.


Almost every bathroom makeover project involves lighting fixtures. Some tasks are simple, for instance, changing the bulb. Some are difficult for example, installing lighting to a new bathroom part. If you are not an electrician by profession, you should get one.


No single bathroom-remodeling project is complete without themed embellishing. Therefore, your bathroom makeover checklist should include decorating.

The most significant thing is to take time and plan a renovation project thoroughly. If everything is okay before the beginning of the project, the remodel will be very simple.

What Do I Need to Know Before Remodeling my Bathroom?

  1. Know the cost

Before commencing on a project of this magnitude, it is advisable to know how much it will all cost. This way you are aware of how financially committed you will be to the project. Factors that affect the cost of a bathroom remodel include cost of labor, price, and quality of materials, as well as the size of your bathroom. NV Kitchen and Bath will provide you with an estimate for the bathroom remodel so that you are aware of how much the entire project will cost.

  1. Do not let the toilet be the first thing you see

Many contractors will agree that this is a golden rule when it comes to remodeling your bathroom. Most bathroom doors remain open and seeing the toilet as you walk by is not aesthetically pleasing. Do not let the toilet become the focal point of your bathroom, as it will ruin the transition of the room.

  1. Understand some of your bathroom’s dimensions

Before you begin your bathroom remodel, it is essential that you know some of the key measurements in your bathroom. For instance, it is important that you know the dimensions of a bathtub or the toilet so that you can plan your remodel more effectively.

  1. Keep the vintage finishes

You are probably remodeling the bathroom because you want it to look more modern and updated. However, some things are easier to replace than others especially in older homes are and attempting to remove them can result in skyrocketing of labor costs. Thus, find a way to compromise the old with the new to reign in the expenditure.

How Can I Remodel my Bathroom for Less Money?

The magic of grout color

Tiling your entire bathroom wall gives the room a polished look, but it can also cause a great dent in your pocket. You should go for white ceramic subway tiles if you intend to tile the bathroom walls. White ceramic subway tiles are inexpensive, and when you incorporate colored or dark grout, you can make the entire installation stand out and look luxurious.

Go Chrome!

For a high-end finishing for all the fittings on the plumbing, you should definitely go chrome. This is the least expensive option compared to other materials such as brass, bronze, and nickel. It is also extremely low on the maintenance, which means it is easy to clean. It is a custom finish in both traditional and modern bathrooms.

Choosing natural stone

Natural stone is a preferred installation in most bathroom renovations. However, the materials for natural stones can be quite expensive. When choosing a natural stone, go for the local, less exotic types of stone, which are much more affordable. You should also check the stone yard in your area for natural stones that can fit your intended design.

Use a shower curtain

When poring through home renovation magazines, you may see that majority of the bathrooms have glass doors for the showers. Despite how amazing they look, they are expensive installations. To spare the bank, you should go for a white curtain to enclose the shower. The curtain will have a similar effect as the glass doors, but it comes at a much cheaper price.

How Can I Design the Perfect Shower?

  1. Make the shower bigger

The key to a perfect shower is making it spacious so that you have enough room to shower without feeling as if the walls are crowding in on you. The optimum size of a shower is when you can make a full circle within the shower while your arms are outstretched.

  1. Place a bench

One of the advantages of making your shower bigger is that you can place accessories in the space. One such accessory is a suitable bench that provides a place for you to sit and enjoy the calming atmosphere emanating from the shower. Benches enhance the functionality of the shower because they can be a place to sit and steam, or as a prop to shave the legs.

  1. Create a recess for shampoos, gels, and soaps

In addition to placing a bench, you should also consider placing a recess in the wall of the shower. This nook is essential for placing your multiple shampoo bottles, gels, conditioners, and moisturizers. Ensure that the nook slopes gently towards the shower so that any water that falls here can easily drain off.

  1. Brighten the shower with natural light

Natural light is essential in ensuring that the shower looks alive, and you will be amazed at the effect that this type of light has on your energy levels. You can allow natural light by using a glass block as a window next to the shower, as well as a glass door for the shower, so that the light can reach the entire bathroom.

How Should I Remodel my Bathroom in Order to Increase the Resale Value of my House?

  1. Consider the number of bathrooms needed

Most contemporary homes come with multiple bathrooms, a feature that most customers want to see when purchasing a home. Unfortunately, older homes come with only one or two bathrooms. If your home falls under this secondary category, it might be prudent to divert your bathroom remodeling funds to the addition of another bathroom.

The addition of an extra bathroom will definitely make your house more appealing in the market and can allow you to recoup 80% or more of the expenses incurred in the addition and remodeling processes.

  1. Ensure the remodeled bathroom is move-in ready

We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms and potential customers give bathrooms priority when selecting a house to purchase. Even though the remodel is not finished, ensure that the bathroom has an attractive design to give the potential customers an opportunity to experience how the bathroom will look and feel after the remodel is complete. You need to make sure that the structural elements are present and they are in good shape. Also, consider placing tiles and other fixtures before the viewing as such elements will grab the attention of the prospective buyer.

  1. Remodel to impress

When you remodel your bathroom to increase the resale value of your home, ensure that you place a few items in the bathroom that can grab the attention of the potential customer. Such items include a breathtaking vanity, attention grabbing tiles, or even a large glass shower enclosure.


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