In The Community

What turns employees into family? A sense of community, respect and fun! At NV Kitchen and Bath, we not only just work but we also strive to enjoy every possible moment and make it full of laughter and joy. And what better way to bring a sense of togetherness and community than with food, drinks and fun games?

Our Team

A team that is on the same page communicates effectively, collaborates seamlessly, and has fun — all important ingredients in building a positive, engaging culture. Friendly competitions, food and fun allow us to get to know each other on a more personal level, laying the foundation for mutual understanding and respect.

This is why we want to make sure that our employees and their families know that we are listening to them and supporting them. We celebrate our success and strive to progress together as a family and a community.

Our Partners

We work with a range of partners and a network of remodeling companies, combining our strengths to add value to and ultimately serve our clientele. We are passionate about our customer experience and work with companies that share our values.

Events and Social Gatherings

There’s no better way to appreciate your employees than by inviting them to a fantastic summer picnic. What better way to appreciate your employees and celebrate togetherness than with food, drinks and fun games?

In Sterling, VA, we added a brand new and spacious showroom to our growing chain. Managed by Sean Onal, a perennial kitchen and bathroom designer, the location will serve the entire Loudoun County and beyond. A number of local officials as well as reps from local chambers of commerce attended the grand opening.

We care about our local community. We want to make sure that young, bright children have all the tools they need for a quality education at their disposal. After all, some of them come from social backgrounds that are unable to afford these tools. This is why, we, along with the US Coast Guard, contributed to their “Back-To-School Backpack Drive”, collecting 12 backpacks with all the school supplies necessary for elementary school students in Ward 8 communities.

Alongside our network of remodeling companies, we work with a range of partners who like us, are passionate about building a smarter, more caring societies.

Through various programs and sponsorship opportunities, we look for ways for us and our partners contribute – combining interests and philanthropic goals with community needs.

We work with each partner to deliver genuine added value to our customers.

Contact US to learn more about how to get involved.

Virginia Valor FC is a collaborative effort between Southwestern Youth Association and Chantilly Youth Association to bring together a group of youth program administrators and coaches who share a goal of building the top soccer program in the region.

NV Kitchen and Bath is proud to support Virginia Valor FC in their vision to create an enjoyable learning environment with highest degree of professional standards in Fairfax County and beyond!