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Basement Finishing and Remodeling


Basement Finishing: The basement of a home is a wonderful space to work with for homeowners. It is not uncommon for basements to be undeveloped, with foundation walls showing and unfinished ceilings. The good news is that a basement can be converted into one of the most enjoyable spaces in your home. Also, renovating your basement can significantly increase the value of your home which makes the investment profitable, and it gives your family more space to spread out.

If you want to renovate your basement, you should consider your family’s needs and choose a setup that appeals to everyone. Basements usually have large rooms with plenty of space to work with, so there are many possible uses for the area. They can be converted into workout rooms, recreation rooms, music rooms, home theatres, or even a small bar with a lounging area.

If you’d like to perform basement renovation or basement finishing on your home, there is a reputable and skilled company to work with in Virginia, NV Kitchen & Bath Remodeling.

Use Our Basement Finishing and Renovation Services

Led by our company owner with more than ten years of experience, who is a licensed renovator, carpenter and cabinetmaker, plumber, electrician and HVAC specialist, NV Kitchen & Bath Remodeling is an award-winning basement finishing and renovation service. We do basement finishing in Falls Church VA, and the surrounding area, as well as whole house renovations.

With our experience and knowledge, we can help you turn your basement into a focal point in your home, a place where family and friends meet to spend quality time together.

Ideas for Basement Finishing

Your choice of how to update your basement ought to be made based on what your family would most enjoy spending time together doing in the space. A music room or home theatre could be suitable for members of your family like children or young adults, and parents may find that having a gym or home bar makes their time at home that much more enjoyable. Check out the following options, and consider which work best for your family:

Basement finishing Gym IdeasGym: Getting a workout at home is convenient and hugely beneficial to your health. You can add a treadmill, exercise bike, weights, a television for workout videos; we’ll work with you to tailor the space for your ideal fitness training center in the comfort of your own home.


basement-home-theater-ideasHome Theatre: If your family loves movie night, or jamming out to tunes on the stereo, the basement is an ideal area to build a home theatre system. We are expert in designing home theatres with the latest equipment, surround sound, and perfect seating arrangements to bring the whole family into the action for movie and music lovers.

basement-finishingMusic Room: For families with talented musicians, a music room in the basement is the ideal space for jamming out. We can make space for your musical instruments, drum set, or recording equipment with built-ins for hanging guitars or even a small stage and seating area so friends and family can sit and enjoy the show. Soundproofing and acoustics are part of the package.

basement-finishingGame Room: Your home can be a center for fun with games you’d typically find at the local community center. Adding a ping pong, foosball or pool table, or even a card playing area opens opportunities for challenging competition among the kids or a relaxed game of pinochle for the older generation.


home-bar-ideasHome Bar: With modern lounge style or wood-grained walls and leather seating in old-fashioned pub digs, a home bar is excellent for parties while it also makes an ideal area for the family to hang out. A game room and home bar combination is the best of both worlds, providing enjoyment for the whole family during the day, or a great space for evening gatherings among friends.





Essential Factors to Consider for Your Basement Remodeling

Dimensions: The amount of room in your basement space determines what can be built. One of the key factors is ceiling height. Also, when you have heating and cooling ducts meandering across your ceiling, we can make them part of the design or rework them to make room for attractive built-ins or design elements.

Humidity: If you have a damp basement, there is a chance that there may be mold or mildew growing in out-of-the-way places. Also, dampness can cause damage to building materials in your new design, so solving the dampness issues your basement may have is the first step before beginning on basement renovation.

Lighting: When it comes to design, lighting is an essential factor. With a sunlight basement with one or more of the walls above ground with windows giving natural light, you still need fixtures for the nighttime. Depending on your use of the room, choice of fixture style and the number of them you’ll need will be part of the design process.

Floor Surface: Most basements have concrete floors, which are uncomfortable to stand or work out on. With a game room, music room, or gym, a key factor to the enjoyment of the space will be adding carpets or another flooring to soften the surface.

Adding Built-In Features: Built-ins are a great way to add character to a basement space and define the purpose of different areas of the basement. With a home theatre system, having built-in shelves and an alcove for the television defines the space. Or, a small stage and corner area with shelves and a tabletop for recording equipment make a music room shine.

10 Years of Award-Winning Service in Basement Finishing

We work with homeowners in Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland areas to make their home shine through our renovation and finishing design and craftsmanship. One of our specialties is basement renovation, and we have won multiple awards for our professional, quality work.

We know how to convert your basement into a focal space in your home that your family loves, and where guests enjoy spending time with you. From elegant, to comfortable, to entertaining, whatever character you’re seeking for your basement, we’ll make your space shine. Contact us today to begin making your renovation dreams reality!

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