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Kitchen remodeling ideas that will help you save on cost

By 10/22/2017May 31st, 2023Kitchen Remodeling

NV Kitchen and Bath bring you cutting-edge kitchen remodeling ideas on a budget, making the process easier and less costly. The kitchen is a major room in the house, and if you are considering a remodel, it’s paramount to make a place that is safe, comfortable to work and create enough space.

Kitchen remodeling does not have to cost an arm and leg, and there are simple kitchen remodeling ideas on a budget that can make the kitchen a haven. It’s possible to create a more exciting design cost-effectively without compromising on the quality of materials used.

  • Paint and Modernise the kitchen cabinets

One of the easiest way to give your kitchen a new look is by painting the cabinets, making them livelier. While choosing the color to ensure to use paint that you can easily wash off dirt without chipping off. It’s also important to give the cabinets a warm look; light colors will make the kitchen more outstanding and more appealing you will want to cook in it. Ensure that the paint doesn’t spill to other areas leaving it looking untidy. The cabinets can also be upgraded by removing the wooden bit of the upper cabinet and replacing it with glass making it more appealing. Consider changing the cabinet handles and pulls and since they are not costly, this will drastically give them a better appeal.

  • Artwork

Redecorate the kitchen with art; A few artistic pieces will turn the kitchen into an amazing place. Look for cheap but good-looking artworks and ensure that there are too many as this will cause the art to lose meaning. If you are artistic, you could do the art for yourself saving the dime. You could also add an exquisite photo to one of the kitchen walls. Old bottles wrapped with colored strings make good art that you can place on top of the fridge or some free spaces. You can add a rustic wine rack to give the kitchen a more sophisticated look.

  • Countertops and Accessories

Kitchen accessories add beauty to the kitchen and are not expensive. Consider changing the kitchen faucets with a more modern and stylish one. Replace the kitchen draping’s and add a little rug near the kitchen sink. Buy new small new kitchen appliances, pick the ones with bold colors. Change the curtains and drapes, make sure the color matches with the cabinet colors. Replace the countertops that have chipped off, should you feel that the granite will escalate the cost of the kitchen remodeling use other options like wood, cementing or a particular type of granite tiles.

  • Lightning

Change the lighting in the kitchen; you can use drum lights which will help the focus the light on critical areas. Light under the cabinet that will enhance the kitchen look and to make it easy buy the ones that you can easily hook.

  • Flooring and walls

The kitchen degrades quite quickly due to the high traffic. New tiles will kitchen a new look. They are different kinds of tiles and one of the best tiles to use and are not so expensive are porcelain and vinyl tiles. Depending on the country of origin tiles vary in prices. Consider the quality of the tile in as much as the cost is paramount. If you have tile left over that can be used, you can create a pattern out of the tiles. To give the kitchen wall a revamp get new wall tiles and to accessorize the walls you can buy one carton of a flowery tile and during installation create a pattern. Ensure that the tile used in the kitchen has a matte feel on it to avoid slipping when wet.

  • Kitchen Storage

To make the open kitchen storage look refreshed to get a shelf and repaint it, then place it in the storage room.  Other than having them haphazardly put the rack will help the store get a better look.

The above are simple ways to achieve a kitchen remodeling with minimal cost.