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Basic lighting types for a kitchen renovation

By 04/10/2018May 31st, 2023Kitchen Remodeling

Lighting matters not only in the cinemas and TVs but also in the kitchen.  If you have a small budget but want to transform your kitchen entirely, you should consider kitchen lighting. Kitchen lighting is among the most dramatic ways you can entirely transform the atmosphere of your kitchen.  Many homeowners still have a single overhead light fixture in their kitchen since they are yet to know how lighting can transform the kitchen. Swapping your old lightning with new well-placed plan-style light elements can completely change your kitchen world.  However, when replacing or renovation your kitchen lighting, you must be keen. There are various models of illumination so you must discern what you want. NV Kitchen and Bath offers four basic lighting types for a kitchen renovation.

Natural Lighting

Natural Lighting is very critical in the kitchen. They create a unique and sense of openness and roominess in the kitchen. Natural lights get into the kitchen via the window or the skylights. The most fantastic thing about the skylight or natural light is that it is entirely free. You do not have to pay anything. However, installing large windows and skylight is more expensive than other lightening option. However, it is durable. Once you install the windows, you will not have to renovate ant time entirely sooner. Besides, the natural lights do not require any form of maintenance. Moreover, having a charging window will ensure that air circulates well in the kitchen. Therefore, it has more than one benefit.  The natural lights also work together with other lighting options.

Accent Lighting

The central role of the Accent Lighting is to enhance the kitchen mood. Of all the other basic lighting types for a kitchen renovation, none can beat this in boosting and ensuring the kitchen is in a good mood. Accent Lighting shuns a different light on fixtures in the kitchen, which are not covered by the overall lighting.  The standard example of the accent lighting is wall sconce or light strips. Some people keep off from this accent blighting because they think they are expensive. However, they are cheap and affordable. Today, the popularity of Led as an Accent light is growing.

Task Lighting

Just as the name infers task lighting is the kind of light you need to do some task. This can be reading, writing cocking or even washing the utensils. Some classic example of task light is the under-the-cabinet lights, singular puck halogen lights and dressed over the sink lights.  In many homes, you are not likely to find this light in many homes. However, they are not expensive an average person can afford to install them.  These lightings are radiant, or in other words, they are fluorescent.

General Lighting

General Lightings are the most basic lighting types for a kitchen renovation. You cannot lack them in every house. Typically, General Lighting reefers to ceiling attached lights, well-connected lights, and island pendant lightings. The primary role of these lights is to light up the kitchen in general.  These lights are usually in large than the accent lighting or task lighting.  Since it is large and prominent, the general lighting is the most crucial lighting element that seers the look and the feel of the kitchen.  The accent and the task light acts as compliments to the general lighting to upsurge the kitchen theme.


In conclusion, you must consider all basic lighting types for a kitchen renovation. They are all important in different ways. Besides they will ensure your kitchen look great.  Remember lighting design is among the top Tips on How to Develop a Custom Kitchen Design so with proper lighting proper functioning and ample atmosphere is automatic.