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Stain Color Selection for Kitchen Cabinets

By 12/21/2016February 8th, 2022Kitchen Remodeling

When you start kitchen remodeling project, one of the many things you have to select is the color of your cabinets. If you have wood cabinetry, you might have heard some people say that wood cabinets should never be painted and should be stained with brown hues. However, if you are the creative, dramatic types or you simply want to get out of your comfort zone, then you need to apply a unique stain to those wooden cabinet doors. The experts at NV Kitchen and Bath have come up with the following colors that will be great for your wooden kitchen cabinets.

  1. Warm dark gray

Stain your wooden cabinets with the warm dark gray hue and be astonished at the dramatic effect it will have in your kitchen. The hue is deep and rich, and pairs exceptionally well with stainless steel features and accents in the kitchen.

  1. Light/Soft Green

A soft green hue on your wooden cabinets works amazingly well in any kitchen regardless of the color of the walls. The color is soft, which makes the entire kitchen look very natural. The authenticity of the wood is also not ruined by this soft and mild color. The green washed cabinets are also appealing to the eye. The result is a natural and fresh ambience excellent for entertaining.

  1. Deep Red

A deep red hue is the right choice for you if your kitchen does not get a lot of natural light streaming through. It makes a bold statement and gives the room an authentic wooden feel. If you go for this hue to stain your wooden cabinets, ensure that there are minimal decorative features otherwise the entire room will scream and clash.

  1. Silvery Gray

Select this hue to give your cabinets and your entire kitchen character and uniqueness. It is a surprise choice, as many people would not go for this selection. However unlikely the hue is, it gives you the opportunity to retain a neutral look that pairs with different colors, designs, and finishes.

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