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Pros and Cons Of Remodeling in the Time of Coronavirus

By 04/30/2020July 23rd, 2022Bathroom Remodeling

It’s crazy how Covid-19 has impacted the world. What once seemed surreal is now very much reality.

Those who were on the verge of starting their remodel are wondering if they should step back or move ahead. Given the existing situation, it’s a tough decision to make. And it’s one that’s important also considering the money and the effort that’s at stake. So what are these homeowners supposed to do?

This can only be answered by someone from the home improvement industry. Someone who is aware of the latest changes in the industry throughout the ongoing crisis. It’s true that the world economy has taken a hard blow and businesses are at an all-time low. Yet somehow, remodeling companies have managed to stay afloat amidst the problem at hand.

They have continued to take projects and serve their clients within fixed parameters of safety, both at showrooms and job sites.However, before you make the decision to bring life to your remodeling plans, we advise you to consider the project’s highs and lows carefully.

Pros of Remodeling During Coronavirus

Benefits of Starting the Project from Scratch

If you’re yet to start the project from scratch, you just got lucky! You can make the most of your time by consulting designers via ZOOM/Facetime and phone. This is besides taking a virtual tour around the showroom. In other words, you have all the time in the world to plan out the project with the cost breakdown which includes every aspect involved in the task. You can make a list of all the items required and revise it to see what you really need to spend on, and what you think could hold on for now.

You can also visit the different home improvement showrooms to have a look at the materials. The good news is that these showrooms can arrange for the designers to work from home for your task if required. You can basically ask for a virtual consultation or tour too.

Lower Costs

A number of remodeling companies are offering attractive deals that you can make use of to lower the overall cost of your remodeling.

Take for instance the different cost factors involved in the process. You need to have the right material for flooring, counters, backsplash, walls, and the likes. Other than this, a substantial amount goes into buying new appliances, cabinets, additional cupboards, hardware, shifting walls, changing and moving the plumbing, and so on.

Sure, once over and done with, remodeling makes your home look better. But it’s inevitably tough while you’re working on it. The expenses involved can drive anyone nuts. Then there are the labor costs to be considered as well. Even more so, the inconvenience of being unable to use a part of your home can get annoying.

But with remodeling companies offering substantial discounts, this can turn out to be a great incentive for homeowners looking to touch up their homes. On the other hand, there is no saying if these discounts will be available after we are done with the coronavirus. In other words, it’s a good time to save some money and act now.

The Situation May Improve

Nothing lasts forever. This goes for the pandemic too. If you belong to the category of homeowners that is yet to start with the remodeling project, I would say you’ve plenty to look forward to.

If it’s a complete home remodel, you can be sure that the job is likely to go on for the next few months, in all probability. The worst will be over by then. What we are saying is that you can have all the fun with the discounts coming your way during this period. Just make sure that all your chosen fittings are well in stock. And by the time the pandemic blows over, your home will be ready to be flaunted.

Why waste time waiting for things to improve and give it another six months when you can use this free time to supervise the project? Besides, your architect will give you priority in terms of both time and focus.

Cons of Remodeling During Coronavirus

Shortage of Supplies

We know we asked you to make sure that whatever fittings you choose are well in stock. But there is always a slip between the cup and the sip. And it may be possible that a particular fixture or a fitting which was expected to arrive is on backorder.

The problem is that the future implications of the pandemic are somewhat unpredictable. The companies have not faced any major issues so far as a result of the crisis. But there have been a few instances where certain items have been taking a long lead time to arrive. This can sometimes lead to a shortage.

A Shortage Can Mean Higher Costs

With the shortage of items, it is possible that the rates of the fixtures and the fittings may go up. As a result, the project may end up being more expensive than expected. But there’s a very effective solution to meet the issue. Try to place your orders as soon as possible before the unpredictable hits.

How to Make the Ultimate Call for Your Remodel?

You have all the right to question the remodeling companies on the safety measures they intend to take once you decide to hit the start button. After all, once you decide to go ahead with the remodeling, you can expect yourself to be saddled with the crew for the next few months.

The working crew must build up barriers to separate the work area from the rest of your home. Find out if they are adequately provided with disinfectants to sanitize their hands regularly. There must be a senior amongst the crew to ensure that any crew member who isn’t feeling well is sent home without delay.

You also have the option to walk into their showroom directly and check out for yourself how these showrooms are maintaining their level of hygiene too.