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Getting Your Bathroom Tile Right

By 01/04/2017May 31st, 2023Bathroom Remodeling

Are you planning to remodel your bathroom and are thinking of installing bathroom tiles? If you are, then there a couple of things that the experts from NV Kitchen and Bath want you to know about bathroom tiles. These tips will ensure that everything goes according to your plan.

  1. Plan the tile layout

Before the project commences, you should mark the spots where you want the tiles to be placed before the installers come to do the installation. You should mark where the fans, the down-lights, and the recessed cabinets are supposed to be. This way the installers will know how to install the tiles based on the layout that you have chosen.

  1. Always know the tile sizes

You should also double-check the sizes of the tiles to ensure they are of the right size. Most of the tiles in the market are sold in European sizing, so be sure to convert the measurements before you make the purchase. The best thing to do is purchase a number of sample tiles, lay them out, and find the perfect fit for your bathroom. You can also soak test each of them to determine their quality. Laying the samples out like this will also help you check the tiles for warping.

  1. Take caution around the windows and doors

Tile layout around the doors and the windows is a challenge and should be handled with care to guarantee the right outcome. Waterproofing the tile assembly is a difficult task so ensure that the bath’s or shower’s waterproofing system is designed in a manner that does not allow water from getting behind the tile into the frame of the window. Go for tilted sills as well as ensure there is room for expansion to måake sure that the tile job holds up for years to come.