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Design Considerations: Custom Closet

By 03/08/2018May 31st, 2023Bathroom Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling

For many homeowners, the custom closet is the epitome of design. It’s a kind of space that makes getting dressed an immersive experience, making you feel like you are shopping instead of putting on clothes. However, there are certain pros and cons of building a custom closet, with considerations that you need to be aware of if you’re thinking of taking the plunge and going custom.

A custom closet is designed specifically for your clothes and your style. This is one of the most obvious pros of a custom-designed closet, as it will have enough space to not only store your clothing, but also your shoes and your large collections. For any more questions Nv Kitchen And Bath is ready to answer them.

A custom closet also adds to the value of your home. If you plan to sell in the next decade or so, the custom closet may be worth the investment as it tends to depreciate much slower than other investments. Homeowners typically focus on improvements in the kitchen, flooring, lighting, and bathrooms. The smaller upgrades like a custom closet will offer a luxe feel to the home, making them more attractive to prospective buyers.

Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Custom Closet

  • Organization. After a while, the closet that came with your home may not be adequate to store your clothing. The custom closet will provide sufficient space to be more organized. This type of organization isn’t only convenient, but it gives you the mental well-being knowing that you’re controlling your personal space exactly how you want it.
  • Prevent accidents. With a large enough closet, you won’t be tripping on clothing and shoes. A walk-in style closet can be built with a rail system to accommodate outerwear, a shoe closet, and a floor-to-ceiling mirror.

Considerations When Planning A Closet Design

Custom closets can be any size – but it is crucial that you consider your space. If you are renovating, is your current closet big enough? Is it worth the sacrifice of additional space of the closet?

Do you want a shared closet? The closet designed for a couple is more than just having two separate sections. For example, designs for men’s shirts usually are longer than a women’s blouses, and rods should hang appropriately. One person may even prefer to hang slacks straight while the other may want to hang them with a fold. Also, men have different accessories that require various tools, like a jewelry tray for cufflinks, a rack for ties and hangers, or a wooden watch display case. Women would need entirely different tools for their jewelry, hats, and scarves.

Consider the importance of lighting and flooring. Lights and the type of floor in the custom closet are an aspect that is sometimes overlooked during the renovation process. Lighting is essential to make it easy to find your items, with flooring needing to be cognizant of the type of footwear that you tend to use. Depending on your shoes, hardwood or carpets may be appropriate.

Take note that the custom closet is designed to fit your needs. You have the full liberty of installing a full-length mirror, an ironing station with a foldaway ironing board, or a bench for you to sit when putting on shoes. Knowing exactly how you plan to use a closet space will help determine all the additional design elements for closet customization.