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When you are planning for a bathroom remodel, you want to keep the expenses as low as possible in order to stay within the limits of your budget. However, if you are looking to luxuriate the said space, you need to stretch the budget a little. NV Kitchen and Bath has a few recommendations on which items to splurge on while doing your bathroom remodeling.

The smoky glass

The smoky glass is a rare feature that adds a touch of luxury to your renovated bathroom. With this feature, you get a combination of privacy, visual space, and sophistication. It is slightly expensive than installing a clear glass exposure, but the effect is worth stretching your budget.

Incorporate a large mirror

A large mirror can have a dramatic effect on the overall layout of the bathroom. A wall-to-wall mirror is perfect for reflecting your beautiful tiles, and creates a visual vastness regardless of the space constraints inherent in the bathroom. The wall with the mirror will still feel tiled because of the reflection of the other tiled walls. In addition, it reduces the cost of you having to tile the entire wall, which could become a budget breaker.

The tile layout

Most homeowners would prefer tiling from floor to ceiling in order to give the bathroom a more modern, luxurious look. However, there are a few tricks you can use to arrive at the same effect if you splurge on a few details. For instance, instead of tiling all the way up, tile one or two walls from the ceiling to the floor. Splurge on a natural stone for the walls selected to create a luxury statement. Paint the remaining walls without tiles white to bring the whole room together. You will still have the luxurious finish without having spent money to tile all the walls from ceiling to bottom.