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Bathroom Remodeling

A mid to upper range bathroom remodel usually costs around $10000 to $35000. The huge range is due to a number of factors including project scope, location, the cost of labor, as well as the cost of materials. For instance, the cost of remodeling a bathroom in New York is approximately $32000 while in Mississippi it is about $14000. NV Kitchen and Bath will tell you what to expect for a bathroom remodeling within this budget.

  1. Better Fixtures

Within the mid to upper range budget, you can expect to get better fixtures such as faucets with more impressive flow or toilets with better flushing. You can also expect to get new features including new lighting fixtures, a vanity, window treatments, and a sink. You can also adjust the layout of your bathroom when working with the mid to upper range budget.

  1. High Quality Countertops

With this budget, the client can expect to get a 36-inch countertop of higher-grade remnant. There is also the possibility that the countertop is made of customized quartz, granite, or marble.

  1. Plumbing

Moderate plumbing adjustments can be made with this budget including moving the shower or the faucet. You can also add separate valves for controlling the flow, temperature, and showerhead pressure. Most likely, the toilet will stay in place because its location dictates the drainage lines. If you move the toilet, then you would have to move the faucet, showerhead and drain locations, which will come as an extra expense.

  1. Tile

With this budget, you can put porcelain tiles on the bathroom floor and walls. Porcelain is more durable than ceramic. It is also more resistant to slips, and comes in a variety of more options compared to ceramic tiling. You will also have the luxury of doing interesting borders as well as accent tiles to make the room more attractive.