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Most homeowners are not aware of the fact that the vanity is usually the cornerstone of the bathroom. It is thus imperative that during a bathroom remodel, due consideration is given to the selection of the most appropriate vanity. If the wrong vanity is selected, it can end up being an eyesore in the newly remodeled bathroom. The main thing that you should remember is to select the vanity first before other finishes. This is because it is easier to find tiles, cabinets, and other finishes that match a vanity and its countertop than the other way around.

The following are some other tips from NV Kitchen and Bath to help you select the right vanity for your bathroom.

Consider the materials of the vanity

The bathroom is often moist, humid, and extremely busy especially during the mornings and evenings when majority of the household is in the house. Thus, the material that was used in making a vanity needs to be able to withstand all these factors. Experts recommend that you select vanities made from wood, thermo foil, or laminated material. In addition, the vanity top is required to be durable as well with easy to clean grout lines.

Consider how much storage is needed

Evaluating how much storage space you need in your bathroom will help you determine the size of vanity to purchase. Knowing the amount of things that you will need to place on the vanity will also help you determine where in the bathroom you will place the vanity.

Consider the placement

Select a spot for the vanity that will not interfere with the traffic flow in the bathroom, and then select a vanity that is ideal for the location selected. Ensure that the vanity allows you room to clean around it. In addition, consider if you will need to change the plumbing because of a new vanity. Changing the plumbing will cost you more, so you need to select a vanity that works with the current plumbing setup.