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The Ultimate Bathroom makeover checklist

A bathroom makeover is one of the best ways to increase the sale value of your house. A remodeling project can be either small or large. However, when done correctly, it can gain high profit for your home.  In case you are not planning to sell the house, a bathroom makeover makes life easy and more enjoyable for your family. According to NV kitchen and bath, bathroom makeover checklist is not a necessity but is very close to a need.  Before you embark on launching the project, a bathroom checklist helps you to gather ideas and place them together for easy planning.  It helps to estimate time as well as cost and effort needed.   Once the project starts, the chemist will help you move smoothly from one task to another.

Bathroom remodeling contractors are different some uses the checklist while others do not.  As the project owner, you have all the rights to ask the contractor to use the bathroom makeover checklist.  It will help you keep the cost in line with the budget.

According to the condition of your bath, your bathroom checklist may be different from others. However, every checklist can be adapted to meet the remodeling needs.   Besides, the checklist, you can make two lists, one with necessities, and the other with optional things you want in your bathroom.  Below is a checklist for every bathroom, either small or large.


Before you embark on the renovation process, you should take time on the design. Nevertheless, with the current digital era, there are so many design software’s which helps in designs.   You may be interested in the most popular Tuscany theme or a vintage design. In case you want to hire a professional to carry the project on, you should work closely on design.



After the design is complete, you are now aware of what you want to do on the bathroom makeover.  You must get permits from the city or county offices.  If you are hiring a contractor, you must be sure of all the permits before the project began.


Are you going to move or create new wall? This is a crucial question to answer before anything started.  If you are moving a wall, it should be the first step.  Besides, you may want to add a window or move a door. Anything concerning wall should come first. Therefore, you must plan carefully.


Many of the bathroom makeover projects involve floor work. In case you want to move the tub, shower, or sink, you will also need plumbing changes.  You will have to make new holes on the floor.  Even, you may want to install the new subfloors. This step should be the second one after moving walls.


This is an essential part of the remodeling. It calls for a certified professional. If you are doing the renovation by yourself and does not have a plumber license, you should look for one.


Almost every bathroom makeover project involves lighting fixtures. Some tasks are simple, for instance, changing the bulb. Some are difficult for example, installing lighting to a new bathroom part.  If you are not an electrician by profession, you should get one.



After everything else is completed, that is electricity, plumbing and other bathroom makeover task. The project reaches fruition. The decoration part is vital.  There is no a single bathroom-remodeling project is completes without themed embellishing. Therefore, your bathroom makeover checklist should include decorating.

In conclusion, it is effortless to get a bathroom makeover checklist from a contractor.  Contractors have it because they are ware it is a requirement. N today, some contractors posts their checklist online.  The most significant thing is to take time and plan a renovation project thoroughly.  If everything is okay before the beginning of the project, the remodel will be very simple.