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There is no such thing as the ‘wrong’ time of year to start remodeling your bathroom. However, most homeowners prefer doing their bathroom remodeling and renovations during the summer time. This is partly because the weather is less unpredictable during the summer and many people are taking a break from work giving them ample time to plan and undertake their bathroom remodeling. If you are considering undertaking a summer bathroom remodel, NV Kitchen and Bath has prepared a list of recommendations for you.

  • Create a budget

Like with any project worth undertaking, you need to create a sound budget that can cater to all the renovation requirements. If you have a big budget, you can decide to splash on luxury items including whirlpool tubs, heated floors, or luxurious showerheads. Even with a limited budget, you can still make your bathroom spectacular with a little bit of creativity, and wise spending.

  • Big Purchases First

It is prudent to handle the most time-consuming and expensive elements of the remodeling project first before moving to the other minute details later on in the project. The essence here is to ensure that time, money, which are both scarce resources, are utilized optimally, and that the remodeling proceeds as quickly as possible. For instance, placing a new bathtub or adding arched ceilings are extensive projects that require a lot of man-hours as well as being cost-intensive. Taking care of these projects first will give you ample time to focus on other smaller projects within the expected time frame.

  • Focus on your tastes and preferences

You need to take charge of the remodeling project by ensuring that the theme, color palette, and style of the renovated bathroom reflect your personality, tastes, and preferences. Choosing the style, color, and items to be placed in the remodeled bathroom will ensure that you are always comfortable in the room. There is less chance of remodeling again and incurring extra costs if the initial remodeling is done based on your choices.