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Remodeling Kids Bathroom

By 02/19/2018July 23rd, 2022Bathroom Remodeling

Childhood is a very critical stage in our lives. At this stage, one identifies with happy, playful, and happy feelings. On decorations, one kid can choose bright colors and fun graphics that make them remain satisfied. Besides, kids can get the right colors and arts for their kids. So many parents today focus on decorating the kid’s bathroom. It is no surprise that the kid’s bathroom receives less or attention.  In many homes, the kid’s bathroom is left bland. Many do not consider it as a significant room. Nonetheless, you can remodel the children bathroom and make it a comfortable and enjoyable for your kids. According to NV kitchen and bath kids bathroom is essential. It gives them a picture of a lovely bathroom at a tender age.  Below are some tips for remodeling kid’s bathroom.

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Safety First                                  

When remodeling kid’s bathroom, you must maintain safety, it is the number one requirement. The tiles either marble or ceramic might appear very clean but are accidental prone.  This is because they are so slippery when wet. In kid’s bathroom, you should go for the less slippery tiles such as the wooden tiles or textured no-slip ceramic tiles. In case you already have the slippery tiles, and you do not have a budget of replacing them, you should place a slip-proof rug on the floor. Besides, even if it is advisable to install tub for the teenage bathroom, you should be very keen since it is dangerous for the underage kids.  You should always monitor your kids as they take a bath to prevent a bathroom mishap.

Colors and Themes

When remodeling kid’s bathroom, you should be very keen on the colors and theme. You must ensure that the bright colors dominate the bathroom. The theme of the children bathroom should be close to that of the bedroom.  If you choose white to the background color, the murals, furniture, and a vanity unit should have vibrant colors such as the bright red, yellow, blue, and green. The mixture must be bright. Children bathroom should not bear dull colors.  If you want a themed bathroom, you need to incorporate some creativity. For example, you can paint the walls in blue, and then adorn the cabinet and the potty with animated ships or rubber ducks; this will give you a Sea or a pond look.  If your kids are girls or you have a daughter, you can paint the walls with pink paint and adorn the walls with Disney princess murals. In addition, you can install the bathroom units with similar colors to come up with a Barbie-is bathroom. Also, do not forget to place a matching mat.

 Furniture and Vanity Unit

The furniture and the vanity unit in your kid’s bathroom must be safe.  Therefore, during the remodeling, ensure all the sharp edges are sharp. Cover them with soft materials to prevent your kids from accidentally jolting into them. For a safe Children bathroom renovation, you must also consider the A mini vanity unit. However, this requires to be changed, as the kids grow tall. Instead, you can even consider a regular vanity unit and provide it with a wooden step or tip-resistant stool to ensure the kids reach the mirror. To brighten the room, you can also add some colorful toothbrush holder and bottles of shampoo and soap.  To ensure safety, you should opt for the plastic bottles instead of glass.

In conclusion, children’s bathroom is critical. It is also as important as their bathroom. However, you must ensure safety. The furniture and the vanity unity should bring a joyful theme to the bathroom. Just like kitchen remodeling exploration, remodeling children’s bathroom requires exploration.  You must be sure that your kids are going to love it.

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