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Getting Some Breathing Room in Your Bathroom

By 07/16/2017February 8th, 2022Bathroom Remodeling

One of the main problems homeowners face is having tiny bathrooms with minimal breathing rooms. In addition, homeowners will get even more frustrated if the small bathroom does not have a window. Luckily, NV Kitchen and Bath has some few tips on how you can make your tiny and/or windowless bathroom seem more open and spacious.

  1. Create a window

If you have a windowless bathroom, then it is up to you to creating the impression of a window. Adding a bathroom shade in front of a blank wall to create the illusion that there is a window behind the shade. This is because in most cases, the bathroom shade is closed, making the shade in front of a blank wall the best way to trick the mind that there is a window.

Sometimes you may have a window in the bathroom but it seems too small. You can use the method above to create another one to make the room feel more airy owing to the presence of several windows.

2. Layer the lighting

A window is essential in a bathroom because it brings in horizontal light to balance out the vertical light from the overhead lights. Without the window, the overhead light becomes too much, which makes the room unflattering. To avoid such a situation in a windowless bathroom, you need to layer the lights to spread the glow throughout the space.

Layering will include you installing accent and task lighting at different vantage points in the bathroom. You can also place light fixtures on the wall to help illuminate different levels of the room.

3. Get an open vanity

Another way to create more breathing room in a tiny windowless bathroom is to incorporate an open vanity with long legs. The long legs provide a lengthier line of sight, which eliminates the feeling that you are crowded in your tiny, windowless bathroom.

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