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bigger bathroom removing

The family bathroom is usually a high-traffic place with everyone from family members to guests using the space anytime of the day. When planning for this functional bathroom, you will also need to consider the future needs of the family as well as the current requirements. NV Kitchen and Bath has come up with a few tips to help you future proof your family bathroom. They include:

  1. Make the family bathroom bigger

Family bathrooms often tend to be the smallest rooms in the home. This is a raw deal as this bathroom has many users including children and guests. Try making the family bathroom bigger removing an internal wall or popping out an additional external wall. The increased size will do wonders for the functionality and appeal of the bathroom.

  1. Blend Style with Function

Family bathrooms are mostly functional units but future proofing them will also require adding a little style to the mix. Regardless of the size of the bathroom, you can create a space with spa-like quality where everyone in the house can relax for at least thirty minutes when they are using the facilities in the room. An all-white bathroom renovation makes the room look clean and functional. However, adding materials such as wood can create a relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom.

  1. Analyze the Ergonomics

Ergonomics refers to the interaction between human movement and the surrounding environment. Evaluating the Ergonomics of the family bathroom will ensure that people use the least amount of effort to perform each task. When future proofing the family bathroom, it is important to note that the ergonomics of an average user will not necessarily suit every stage of life or age. Thus, you need to consider whether your family bathroom can accommodate every stage of life i.e. infancy, childhood, teenage hood, and old age. You should also pay special consideration to the needs of any disabled individuals in your family as they move through the life stages.