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Disorganized in the Kitchen? Remodel it!

Are you constantly moving dishes, pots, and pans from one place to another because you have no room? Or maybe your pans come crashing out of the cabinet because you’ve stacked too many. If you see yourself in this situation, you’re not alone. If you’re constantly scrambling to put stuff away and can’t find places for all your small appliances, pots, and pans, maybe it’s not you. Maybe it’s your kitchen.

Why You’re Constantly Disorganized

Disorganization has to do with not having space for everything. If you have a small kitchen or a basic utilitarian kitchen with little thought on how much cooking is done there, you need to have a better kitchen. Some older homes may not have been built with food prep in mind, and those that have been, aren’t up to scale of the newest appliances. So, your counter tops are filled with appliances and your few cabinets are packed with your pots and pans. You’ve tried organizers, but they’re not enough so NV Kitchen And Bath is ready to help you guys!

What You Need to Improve Your Organization

You need space if you’re running out of places for all your kitchen wares. That includes a customized kitchen pantry/closet, enough cabinets for your pots and pans, and enough counter room for food preparation. You should be able to put your small appliances away neatly when you’re done with them.

KitchenPlan Your Kitchen for Maximum Efficiency

When you remodel your kitchen, you’ll want to focus on the types of cooking you do and how to make it the most efficient possible. That means you should design your cabinets to store the things you need most within reach. Spices, oils, and basic preps need to have their own shelves by the stove. Food prep areas for preparing meats should be near indoor grills and griddles. The dishwasher should be near the sink and dish cabinets for easy access.

Improve the Look and Efficiency with New Counter tops

Did you know that you can be more efficient just by changing your counter tops? Unlike linoleum which can become grimy fast, your new counter tops can look terrific for a long time if they’re granite or marble and properly sealed. Cleaning becomes simple with your new counter tops, especially if they are darker colors that will not show stains easily.

Think Pantry for Your Staples

Having a walk in pantry will make it easy to store nonperishable items that would normally clutter counter tops. Having it designed so you can make organizing your shelves a breeze is vitally important to keeping order within a pantry. You can use bins and baskets to keep everything neat, or you can have your kitchen remodeler design a clever organizer for your walk in pantry.