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Kitchen Remodeling Tips for Small Kitchens

Most homeowners with space-challenged kitchens hardly see the importance of kitchen remodeling. They actually think it is only applicable to their counterparts with bigger kitchens. However, kitchen remodeling is also important for smaller kitchens because it can bring multiple benefits for homeowners with small kitchens. NV Kitchen and Bath has some kitchen remodeling tips for small kitchens to help you get started with remodeling your small kitchen.

  1. Create more space

When remodeling your small kitchen, you should always aim at giving it a new look while at the same time creating more space. One of the easiest ways to create additional space in a small kitchen is by eliminating larger kitchen furniture and replacing it with smaller ones. You can also create additional storage space by fitting your small kitchen with filler cabinets with slides, for purposes of storing your utensils, baking pans and other smaller items. You should also fit in wall cabinets and pantry cabinets that extend to the ceiling. This will definitely increase your storage space and further increase your work area as well.

      2. Upgrade your appliances

Just because you have a space-challenged kitchen does not mean it should lack all the appliances present in today’s modern kitchen. To ensure your kitchen has as many appliances as possible, upgrade your appliances with smaller ones and opt for energy-saving appliances. Smaller, energy-saving appliances can help you save on space and provide the same convenience just like their larger counterparts.

     3. Spice things up

Make every inch of the available space count by spicing things up. Add a new coat of paint to the walls to breathe new life in your space-challenged kitchen. Brighten up the kitchen by adding more lighting. All this can help make your kitchen larger than it is, while giving it a new facelift at the same time.